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Seven Seas is the 2018 Air Guitar World Champion!

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

A 23-year-old Japanese woman has again been crowned the world champion of air guitar. Nanami “Seven Seas” Nagura came out on top of a final field of 15 Friday to claim the title at the Air Guitar World Championships in Finland. She had previously won in 2014.

She was followed by the US champion and two time World Champion, Matt “The Airistotle” Burns and the Canadian powerhouse shredder Dana "Dana-Saurus Rex" Schiemann. As Japan’s national champion, Seven Seas was among seven competitors who had a bye to the finals, where they were joined by eight “dark horse” finalists. 2018 was an outstanding year for women, populating a large chunk of the national finalists. Of the 15 to compete on stage in Oulu, six were women. This number includes Australia's own Lily Rocknroll, who came a very close second in the Australian national finals, and made her way through the Dark Horse finals to claim her place up on the stage.

The Jinja Assassin, Australia's champion air guitarist, was displaced from his number 2 position in the world ranking, but his flashy, glittery, outlandish performance rightfully landed him 7th place. We look forward to seeing what Lily, Jinja and therest of our Aussie competitors bring to 2019!


During Seven Sea's national qualifying performance in Japan, a part of her routine seemed to involve strumming her leg. Air guitar rules explicitly state that you cannot play a prop and you may only hold an air guitar in your hand. Similarly, Dana-Saurus Rex played a ukulele for a brief period in her Air Guitar Canada winning performance. Some have speculated that this could have led to a disqualification and chatter swirled among the air guitar global community. Fran Chopin was disqualified from Air Guitar Australia finals for playing a baguette during his performance.

Critics and chatter aside, it was undeniable that Seven Seas flashy, acrobatic and highly skilled performance was worthy of her place on the world stage. Proving she deserved to be there, Seven Seas showed everyone that she was a force to be reckon with, and claimed the world title for the second time. Congratulations to Nanami “Seven Seas” Nagura, from everyone here at Air Guitar Australia.

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